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Why I suggest to use docusaurus

I guess some people are wondering why this site uses Docusaurus instead of Logseq for documentation? Basically there are the following reasons.

Logseq is not yet prepared for parallel writing of documentation by multiple users. Docusaurus already hosts large documentations created by a large number of users. Integration with standard development processes is excellent (GitOps). And the complexity of Docusaurus is so low that anyone can contribute within minutes. Docusaurus therefore seems to be a good candidate for creating initial documentation.

The user community is international. The majority of developers are from China. Discord already has an español speaking subcommunity. My native language is German, unfortunately English is the only foreign language I do speak. Sooner or later the project might need a multilingual documentation. The energy of an international team of authors can only be used if the documentation is not created in independent parallel worlds. This requires a defined exchange between the language areas in the documentation. Docusaurus is prepared to create multilingual documentation in the upcoming V2 - which we are already using today.